Our homeland is one of the smallest winegrowing regions in Italy. It does, however, rank among those with the most diverse terroirs incorporating slopes at the foot of several 3000m peaks in the north of the region in contrast to gentle hills in the south. Altitudes between 250m and 1,000m as well as a diverse mesoclimate and barren, stony soils create growing conditions that are challenging but all the more rewarding: long ripening times, considerable temperature differences between day and night and a complex mixture of volcanic porphyry together with weathered limestone and dolomite rock enhance the characteristic elegance, finesse and structure that only mountain wines can claim for themselves. Our vineyard terraces are spread over various individual locations on the lower slopes of the Mendola range as far as the Dolomites and are primarily south-facing. This maximises the effect of the sun’s rays during the day, while the downslope winds from the Mendola range make for a pronounced thermal excursion at night. All our winegrowers know the exact nature of their soils, the specific climatic conditions and which grape variety grows best where. The coolness of the mountains combined with the warming sun - the quality wines from ERSTE+NEUE are as natural, honest and clear as the terroir in which they mature.