Erste+Neue S.C.A.
Via delle Cantine 12
39052 - Caldaro
BZ, Italy

Tax ID no.: IT00126320217
E-Mail: info@erste-neue.it
Phone: +39 0471 963 149

Tax ID no. 00126320217, 
Commercial register book No. A145300, section 1
VAT no. IT00126320217

Responsible person according to
annual plenary meeting of december 1st 2017:
Christian Sinn, president

Design & ConCept: Brand Gorillas, Bozen, Südtirol

Content: Julia Lindner – LINDNERCONCEPTS, Meran, Südtirol

Photography: Monsorno Thomas, Manfred Pernthaler, Maurice Haas 

Liability disclaimer

1. Content of the online offer

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Occupational safety certification

Erste+Neue operates a safety and health management system in accordance with ISO 45001:2018. This system has been approved by a globally accredited certification body and is continuously monitored.
The necessary processes and procedures have been introduced in the company, are maintained and continuously developed.
A customised safety and health programme has been developed for our company and is continuously being worked on.
To avoid accidents at work, we work according to the STOP principle.
Sources of danger are minimised in the following order:
1. substitute (avoid)
2. technical measures
3. organisational measures
4. personal protective equipment