We take the protection of your personal information very seriously, and in our activity, we apply all necessary measures to ensure this protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and national law.  

As is provided by the provisions for data protection, we hereby inform you about the processing of your personal information which takes place in the course of the use of the website. 


The subject information notice refers only to this website.  In the event that you are redirected to other pages through links, you shall inform yourself about the corresponding handling of your information directly on the redirected website. 

The following specifications will inform you of the manner, extent, and purpose of the collecting, processing, and use of your personal information in the course of the use of the website.

As a rule, the use of this website is possible without providing personal information.  Nevertheless, it may occur within the technically necessary extent that for the use of this page, information may be collected with regard to user behavior (cookies) and other data (such as an IP address).  

The Erste+Neue S.C.A. automatically collects and stores in its servers some of the information that is provided by the browser to the extent that this is provided.  This information may not be correlated directly to a certain person and a pooling of this data with other data sources will not be carried out.

Contact Form and Tools 

With the use of certain services (such as contact form or tools), other personal information is also collected on our site (such as name, address, or e-mail addresses).  This always takes place on a voluntary basis and through the communication by the users themselves.  This information shall not be forwarded to third parties without your expressed consent, and the data that is inputted by you shall be used exclusively for the providing of the services that are requested.  Your information from the inquiry form will be stored by us including the contact information that you have provided there for the purpose of the processing of your request and in the case of follow-up questions.  

Web Analysis with Google Analytics 

This website uses functions of the web analysis service Google Analytics.  The provider is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.  Google Analytics uses target-oriented cookies.

More information on how user information is handled by Google Analytics may be found in Google’s declaration on the protection of personal information:

You may prevent the recording of your information by Google Analytics by clicking on the following

An opt-out cookie is placed which prevents the recording of your information with future visits to this website.

This website uses Google Analytics with the extension “anonymizeIP()” so that the IP addresses are only processed further in abbreviated form in order to prevent them from being directly associated wtih a particular individual.

Social Plugins from Facebook 

On our website, we do not use any social plugins from Facebook, but rather we merely link to the services of, operated by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA.  The linking may be recognized by the Facebook logo.  

If you do not click on these links, then no information is transmitted from our website to Facebook.

If, for example, you click the “Like” button or provide a comment, then the corresponding information is transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and stored there.  Furthermore, Facebook will make your preferences public for your Facebook friends.  If you are logged in to Facebook, then Facebook may identify the access to our website directly to your Facebook account.  Even if you are not logged in or do not have any Facebook account, your browser transmits information (such as which website you have accessed and your IP address) that is stored by Facebook.  We hereby acknowledge that as the provider of websites, we do not receive any knowledge of the content of the information that is transmitted or its use by Facebook.

Details on the handling of your personal information by Facebook as well as your rights in that regard may be found in Facebook’s Data Policy:  If you do not wish for Facebook to identify the information that it has collected on you through our website to your Facebook account, then you must log out of Facebook before your visit to our website.

Google Maps

We should like to point out that this website uses the map service Google Maps from Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (below named  „Google“ ), which allows the display of interactive maps and the use of the map feature directly on our website. When visiting the page on our website that uses Google Maps, Google will receive a notification that you have accessed the page. This information (including IP-address…) will be send to a server of Google in the USA and memorize there. If necessary Google will transfer this data to a third party if statutory or in case third process this data.  

The Erste+Neue S.C.A. has no influence on Google's data processing.

If you do not want Google to collect, process or use information about you through our website, you can disable JavaScript in your browser settings. In this case, you will not be able to use the map viewer.

Instagram Social Plugin

We would like to point out that on the websites of Erste+Neue S.C.A. the plug-in of the social network Instagram is integrated. If the user is logged in to Instagram, the contents of the websites of Erste+Neue S.C.A. can be linked to the Instagram profile or user account, when pressing the Instagram button. Users can find out about the purpose, scope, and use of Instagram data collection at

 If the user does not want Instagram to collect data, he must log out of Instagram before visiting the websites of Erste+Neue S.C.A..

Transmission of Information to Third Parties 

Within the framework of the mailing of newsletters, the service provider CleverReach GmbH & Co. KG | Mühlenstraße 43 | 26180 Rastede (Germany) has access to your personal information.  For that reason, he has been designated as “order processor”.

Retention Period 

Your personal information is only processed as long as is necessary for the providing of the requested services or as long as is provided by law (such as under provisions of tax law, civil law, or regulatory law.  In connection with the duration of the storage, reference is made to the fact that under Art. 2946 of the Italian Civil Code, the reasonable expiration amounts to ten years.

Rights of the Affected Party 

The data privacy provisions bestow certain rights upon affected parties with regard to the processing of their information.

In particular, affected parties may at any time request information from the Erste+Neue S.C.A.about the presence of information that affects them personally, about the origin of such information, and about the way that it is processed.  In addition, affected parties have the right to have their information updated, completed, and corrected in the event that it is incorrect or incomplete, to request the deletion of the information, to demand the restriction of information that has been illegally processed, or to refuse the processing of their information.   In addition, upon request the personal information of the affected party must be made available to that party in a comprehensible manner or must be transmitted to third parties.  

We hereby acknowledge that affected parties have the right to modify or withdraw their consent at any time for the processing of their information.  

For the exercising of these rights, the affected party may contact the Erste+Neue S.C.A. directly as the party responsible for the data processing.  Please direct any possible inquiries in writing to the Erste+Neue described in greater detail below.  Complaints may be sent directly to the Italian privacy protection authorities, “Garante della Protezione dei Dati Personali”, Piazza Montecitorio 121, I-00186 Rome Italy, e-mail:  

Party Responsible for Data Processing 

The party responsible for the data processing is Erste+Neue S.C.A., headquartered at Kellereistraße 12, I-39052 Kaltern (BZ) Italy, phone. +39 0471 963 149, e-mail: