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The winegrowing region of Alto Adige is not just characterised by its striking mountains, rugged cliffs and high peaks, but also by the vineyards themselves, which are situated on impressive slopes and terraces. Wine and mountains as well as passion and challenges find themselves inextricably linked here. For over a century, we have been processing the best hand-picked grapes from various altitudes to produce award-winning alpine wines. Using the necessary tools from a proven winemaking tradition and combining them with a tireless urge to explore and the eternal view of our majestic mountains.

Alpine Wines

The sun is about to rise, a new day is dawning. We set off to conquer new heights, in search of new peak moments. We are in our element as we follow our route. The only thing on our minds is our goal and all the great experiences that lie ahead of us. The wind subsides, the cool night temperatures give way to the warming rays of the sun, which gradually light up the picturesque vineyard terraces. Above them the rugged cliffs and striking mountain peaks jut out. We proceed cautiously step by step, choosing grape by grape. The anticipation is rising. We are prepared to push ourselves to the limit, to risk something new and to do our best to experience this one moment at the summit cross. We are finally there. Overwhelmed, we let our gaze drift off into the distance, taking the time to gather our thoughts before finally raising a glass.

“A range of wines that impressed all of our tasting groups.”
– Gambero Rosso

Have you reached your goal or achieved something great and feel like celebrating? If so, then raise your glass and share your peak moment with us!

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