Climate | Southern sun on Alpine slopes

The mild Alpine-Mediterranean climate of Alto Adige, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, is the basis of successful wine growing.

Thanks to the barrier formed by the main chain of the Alps, the vineyards are protected from the cold northerlies and from bad weather coming in from the Atlantic and northern Europe. The region is open to the south, however, so that air currents from Lake Garda and the Mediterranean pamper our vines with warm breezes. Apart from that, Lake Kaltern itself – as the biggest natural lake for swimming in Alto Adige and the warmest in the Alps – also contributes to Kaltern’s mild climate.

The vineyard terraces have a mainly southern and southeastern exposition for maximum sunshine hours during the day, while the fall winds from the Mendola ridge create a marked thermal excursion during the night. Thanks to this pronounced diurnal temperature range – with an average temperature of 18°C during the vegetation period – and adequate levels of precipitation, we are able to produce wines that combine ripe fruit flavors with Alpine freshness.